Departments Of Madrasa

The Principal’s Office(Ehtimam): This is the central office of the Madrasah. It governs all the other departments. It implements all administrative decisions; it is responsible for the appointments of the new staff and dismissal of an old staff as well. Also the protection of the tack of the Madrasah is the responsibility of this office, at present Hazrat Maulana Mufti Muhammad Junaid Alam Sb Nadwi Qasmi (Director Of Madrasa) is the incharge of this department.

Department of Education : This is the most important department of the Madrasah. Through this department the Madrasah achieves its original goal.

Account Department : This department keeps all records of accounts. Each amount is kept under the record of this department and receipts are issued against all amounts received by the Madrasah. Signed vouchers are also made at this department against each payment and expenditure.

Department of Hifz Quran Karim : The students are made memorize the Holy Quran by heart which is an important work. They are also taught tajwid and practice. The teachers perform their duty well in this department.

Department of Tajwid and Qirat : In this department, books of Tajwid and Qirat are taught as well as the studnets are made practise to recite the Holy Quran with tartil and hadar.

Department of Persian language : As there are a number of Islamic books in Persian language, so some Persian books like Taisirul Mubtadi, Hamdbari to Gulistan etc are taught the students

Arabic Department : In this department, Arabic Awwal (First Year Arabic class) up to Arabic Panjum (Fifth Year Arabic class) is taught.

Mess department: under the department, Madarsa does the arrangement of meal of hostler and ministrative students. Besides, the non ministrative students are given food by taking a little charge. Such students are usually very few.

Propagation department: In this department, there is done the work of slip, advertisement, income and expenses, detail and other works are performed.

Hostel: boarding house in Madarsa is established for the students learning legalism that is included in main needs of public. Legal issues & theology issues are to face by public day by day. So through this department there is absolute solution for legal & theologyissues in the form of complete answer.

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